Student Visa

Korea Student Visa

Korea is one of the most educated countries globally which is a reason why there is an increasing demand for Korea Student visa. If you are undertaking a full-time degree such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD in South Korea, you must first get a Korea study visa & also need to apply a residence permit later. If you wondering about the visa process, this ultimate guide will explain the whole process step by step.

Korea Student Visa

  1. Types of Korea Student Visas
  2. Processing Fees for Korea Student Visa
  3. Processing Time for Korea Student Visa
  4. Embassies & Consulates for Korea Student Visa
  5. Documents Required to Apply for Korea Student Visa
  6. How to Apply for a Korea Student Visa
  7. Interview Questions for Korea Student Visa

1.Types of Korea Student Visa

The D-2 Visa is a study visa for Korea. The Korea Government advises students entering Korea for study purposes to get a D-2 visa issued because it is specifically reserved for that purpose. The duration of validity of the D-2 visa is three months after entrance into Korea. There are different types of D-2 study for Korea.

These include the below:

D-2-1 for Associate Degree

D-2-2 for Bachelor’s Degree

D-2-3 for Master’s Degree

D-2-4 for Doctoral Degree

D-2-5 for Research Study

D-2-6 for Exchange Student


2.Korea Student Visa Fee

The processing fee for a single-entry Korea Visa (90 days or less) is US$40.

This Vsa is most commonly issued to foreign Students.

The application fees for a single-entry Korea Visa for 91 days or longer are US$60 and US$70 for a double-entry Korea Visa usable up to two times, and for a multiple-entry visa.


3.Processing Time for Korea Student Visa

The processing time for a Korea study visa can vary from case to case. Various elements play role in deciding how long the decision takes on a visa application. The processing time may be affected due to the busy work schedules of embassies and consulates because they might receive more applications in some months than others. The time can also be affected due to the nationality, visa type , or any other issue faced by the applicant during the application process. Nevertheless, the standard time for the issuance of a D-2 student visa for Korea is 4-6 weeks.


4.Embassies & Consulates for Korean Student Visa

The application process for study visas for Korea is conducted by Korea missions abroad which are their embassies or consulates. You must apply for a visa to embassy or consulate that is nearest to you because you will be called for a visa interview by that respective mission. International Students can find their desired nearby Korea Embassy or Consulate.


5.Documents Required for Student Visa

  1. Visa Application form
  2. Passport-size photographs
  3. Valid Passport
  4. CNIC
  5. Academic Documents
  6. CV
  7. English Language Proficiency (IELTS) for Korea Student Visa
  8. Statement of Purpose
  9. (COA) Certificate of admission from Korea University
  10. Bank Statement for Korea Student Visa
  11. Health (Travel) Insurance
  12. Medical Certificate
  13. Proof of Legal Fees
  14. Receipt of Visa Processing Fee
  15. Copy of Hotel Reservation & Flight Booking
  16. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  17. No Objection Certificate (Optional)
  18. Police Clearance Certificate (Optional)
  19. Certiicates of extracurricular achievements
  20. Corona Vaccination Certificates
  21. Marriage and Childbirth Certificate

5.1 Korea Student Visa Application form

Carefully fill out the correct Korean D-2 visa application form & submit it. The application form consists of various fields which include personal details, passport information, contact information, marital status and family details, education, employment, details of the visit, details of invitation, funding details, and declaration.

5.2 Passport-size photographs

5.3 Valid Passport