Investment Visa

Investment Visa

What is the Immigrant Investor Scheme for Public Business?

The Immigrant Investor Scheme for Public
Business is the government program that allows foreigners who satisfy the investment requirements designated by the Minister of Justice to obtain F-2 resident and F-5 Permanent Resident status. For instance, those that have invested the minimum investment amounts or more in Korea and their families will be granted F-2 Resident status, and if they successfully maintain the investments for the next 5 years, they will, also, be granted permanent residency.

Minimum Investment Amounts

  • 1.    Korea Government designated Property: 1 billion KRW or more
  • 2.    Korea Government Fund Investment in general amount: 1.5 billion KRW or more
  • 3.    Korea Government Fund Investment in high-amount: 3 billion KRW or more

Step. 01 Preliminary Review

The Preliminary Evaluation helps the investment process go smoothly and assesses a potential foreign investor’s eligibility for the status of stay in Korea in advance.

Step. 02 Establishment of a Bank Account for a Wire-Transfer of Investment Money

You open a new bank account for a wire transfer of your investment money.

Step. 03 Visa Issuance and Entry

You will receive the support for visa application and entry to Korea

Step. 04 Investment Confirmation and Change of Your Status to F-2 Permanent Resident

Once you have properly made your investments after arriving in Korea, you will have to change your status to F-2 Resident.


The investor, his/her spouse and unmarried children will be granted F-2 Resident status him/her to freely leave/enter, work, run a business and study in Korea. Also, if the investor maintains the investments for 5 years, he/she will be granted F-5 Permanent Resident status.

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