Our Mission

Active listening & get the job done!!!

“To make a world without barriers for education and business expansion.”

Ocean-Whales believe valuable things in this world can only be created by the act of pioneering. Expanding one’s business abroad is itself an act of pioneering. Refusing to settle with a success in one country and taking the risk to expand to foreign markets where language, institutions, and environment are different is what we can call as one of the bravest acts of pioneering in the current era of global capitalism. As a dedicated team of professionals who provides services to help foreign entrepreneurs do business in Korea, all of those who have expanded their horizon and reached out to the global market are our true heroes.

Ocean-Whales understand that entering Korean market can be a difficult task for any foreign entrepreneurs and professionals. However, because we know that it is a worthwhile act of pioneering, we would like to be next to them as they start their courageous journey. Through years of experience and solid business, political, academic network in Korea, We have grown into a company that provides a total solution to all the problems that foreign entrepreneurs and professionals may face in doing business in Korea.


Education & Business in Korea

Get the latest information for your successful education & business in Korea.

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